Privacy Policy

Effective Date: March 2004

This section sets forth the Medical Eye Services (MES) Online Privacy Policy for this website, (the "Site'). MESVision respects the privacy of visitors ("Users") to our Site and is designed to serve the users of the vision plans ("Covered Persons") for which MESVision is the plan sponsor and/or administrator. As a general policy, no personally identifiable information is automatically collected from visitors to this Site. Personally identifiable data is not shared with any third parties.


Provider Look Up: When Users access the on-line directory to locate local participating providers, we collect non-personally identifiable information to search our database, primarily zip code, city and/or county.

Provider Registration: When a participating provider registers to use on-line provider tools (eligibility verification, claims submission), we collect provider-specific information including provider number and password.

Provider's Request for Covered Person Eligibility: Within the registered provider area of the Site, providers can request Covered Person eligibility from us which lets a provider know whether or not a Covered Person is eligible for vision services. During this process, we collect Covered Person's name, primary subscriber (if Covered Person is a dependent), and an individually identifiable number assigned to each Covered Person (i.e. social security or other number) is order to verify a Covered Person's eligibility.

Provider Claim Submission: Within the registered provider area of the Site, providers may send claims to us for reimbursement for providing services to Covered Persons. The same data collected to verify eligibility is used in this process along with services rendered.

Use of Cookies/Aggregate Data: This site does not utilize Cookies. This Site may use other forms of aggregate information gathering to track visitors to the site and which pages are being accessed and how long a visitor views a page. No personally identifiable information is collected for this use.


Benefits Administration: We utilize the information collected from this Site as noted above ("What Information is Collected") to determine Covered Persons' eligibility for covered services and to provide payment to participating providers from claims submissions.


Passwords: This Site utilizes passwords from participating providers to allow only authorized Users access to eligibility verification and claim submission functions.

Security: Data flowing to and from this Site is protected by encrypted digital certificates secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.


This site is continually evolving to provide Users with relevant information and services. From time to time, MESVision may need to change this Privacy Policy in order to address new issues, emerging technologies and changes within the Site. We will always post such changes so that Users will always know what information we collect and how we might use such information. Please refer to this policy regularly.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please forward your inquiries to:

Medical Eye Services
Attn: Regulatory/Compliance Department
PO Box 25209
Santa Ana, CA 92799-5209

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