Browser Information

If you're having problems logging in or accessing basic functions, there might be a problem with your browser.

We support all modern browsers, including Intenet Explorer and Netscape versions 5 and better. If you have an older version, or are unsure, you should upgrade to the most recent version:

Internet Explorer


You need to have javascript installed and enabled to use the MESVision website. If it is not enabled, you will not be able to access any functionality.


You need to have 128-bit security installed in your browser to access the MESVision website. We do this to provide maximum security and privacy to our patient's information.

You can check to see what type of security you have installed on Windows Internet Explorer by clicking "Help" in the main menu and selecting "About Internet Explorer." The security level is displayed on the second line, titled "Cypher Strength."

Download the latest version of your browser to upgrade to stronger security.