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Why you need to choose MESVision®

If your benefits package does not contain an MESVision® administered product, then you could be missing out on some distinct advantages.

Since 1976, MESVision® has provided outstanding vision care services to large and small employer groups through well-known insurance companies, health plans, preferred provider organizations and self-funded (administrative services only) plans.

MESVision® efficiently and effectively administers vision benefit programs. MESVision® performs claims administration, eligibility verifications, billing and collections, as well as customer service regarding all members and provider inquiries.

MESVision® is a Preferred Provider Organization committed to developing and maintaining a strong vision provider network. Participating providers are required to meet stringent quality of care and credentialing standards.

MESVision®'s broad and diverse NCQA-Level (National Committee for Quality Assurance) credentialed panel of eye care specialists is utilized 97% of the time.


MESVision® offers one of the largest and most comprehensive networks in the United States with access to a choice of Ophthalmologist (MDs), Optometrists (ODs) or Opticians. MESVision® network also includes many popular retail outlets which offer the flexibility of later weekday and weekend hours (often without an appointment) allowing convenience use of our vision plan when and where you would like.


By focusing on Service and keeping our benefits simple and easy to use MESVision® is able to pass on savings to its clients in the form of competitive rates and minimal, if any, rate increases.

Freedom Of Choice

MESVision® participants have the freedom to choose from a variety of eye care providers. They also have the choice to receive an exam from one provider and eye wear from another provider (many feel they can extend their benefit dollar by going to an optical store for materials after they visit an MD or OD for their exam). MESVision® offers exam and material only plans. This enables companies with medical coverage that includes a vision exam to use one of the MESVision® plans for materials only (lenses and frame or contact lenses) or to offer a vision exam when not covered with medical.

Customer Service

MESVision® prides itself on the human experience. Customers calling MESVision® are not greeted by a maze of electronic messages or voice mail obstacles. Rather, they are quickly routed to a knowledgeable MESVision® representative for assistance during regular business hours.

Product Selection

The MESVision® portfolio of products offers options and flexibility for employers of five or more benefit eligible employees.

  • Full service (Exam and Materials)
  • Employer Sponsored or Voluntary Plans
  • Eyewear Only Plans
  • Self-Funded Administration (available to groups with 100 or more employees)
  • Exam Only Plus Discount Plans

Cost Controls

For its Self-Funded customers, MESVision® will share provider and administration fees and services associated with a specific employer. Our clients receive complete information so that they will understand the cost advantages of working with MESVision®.

Provider Service

MESVision® allows its providers to use the optical lab of their choice - allowing them the freedom to use local, regional or national labs that best suit the needs of the individual provider and their patients. All providers have agreed to pre-negotiated fee reimbursements (so cost controls are maintained) and all adhere to nationally regulated quality standards for eyewear.

Satisfied provider equates to satisfied members.

Partner With Best In Class

MESVision® administers vision benefits for some of the industry's premier insurance companies. All are AM best rated "A" or better and all offer varying plan designs. These insurance companies, along with leading health care organizations make MESVision® a leader in the vision benefits industry. Contact an MESVision® representative to see the complete line of vision plans available today.

What MESVision® Can Do For You And Your Clients

  • Provider access to a diverse and credentialed panel of eye care specialists.
  • Offer a choice among a variety of vision benefit designs:
    • Variable deductibles and or co-payments
    • Variable dollar coverage levels
    • Variable frequency of benefits
    • Additional eyewear coverage
  • Create a customized vision benefit program based on a groupís requirements and or bid specifications.
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