Dedicated to providing the clear choice in vision care

Dedicated to providing the clear choice in vision care

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the precious gift of sight by helping our members attain a healthier lifestyle through brilliant vision care. MESVision® was founded by vision care medical professionals in 1976 to provide choice in vision care services to employers across the country.

Who do we serve and what we can do for you

We serve people throughout the US by helping them see clearly with proper vision care. As a multi-faceted company, we offer vision care through two channels:
  1. We provide vision care plans directly to thousands of employer group and millions of plan members nationwide for leading health care organizations, insurance carriers, and self-funded employer group.
  2. As a Specialized Health Care Service Plan, we offer vision care services directly to members.

What sets us apart?

Nationwide Network
Nationwide Network

We have one of the largest networks and broadest variety of providers for members to choose from. Our network is filled with independent ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians, as well as top optical chains.

Medically Led and Privately Owned

Our Quality Management Committee does not drive decisions based on impact to stock or to meet quarterly numbers. We make decisions on how to best provide quality vision care.

Medically Led and Privately Owned
Provider Choice
Provider Choice

The MESVision® ‘model’ is unique. We do not own optical laboratories, we do not restrict providers to dispense specific brands. We allow eye care providers the freedom to provide members with what makes them and their eyes happy.

Our culture

At MESVision®, our culture is founded on personal relationships. That culture starts with the people who work here. We enjoy working with each other and we enjoy what we do.

How we build our vision network

MESVision represents a choice of eye care professionals comprised of independent Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians, and popular Optical retail chains. Optometrists and Ophthalmologists perform the same routine eye exam covered in the plans offered. Likewise, all Optometrists may dispense eyewear materials as Opticians do.

MESVision looks for providers in the marketplace at how many vision care providers are in a specific area to attempt to recruit.

We initiate outreach to non-participating providers and contact them to join the network. We assess providers based on access and availability, meeting our credentialing standards, and provider ability to meet network participation criteria.

Monitoring and assuring network sufficiency

MESVision assesses its network adequacy on a regular basis by assuring the number of providers to members is adequate, participating providers are within a reasonable distance, and appointment availability for service and wait times are reasonable.

If a participating provider is not within the accessible access standards, the insured has the right to request covered services by a non-participating provider. This access data is used for ongoing provider recruitment.